The Model

Business Model

  • Obtain suitable Land from PWD / Govt Dept on lease basis with nominal lease rent.
  • Arrange Funding by PPP/CSR / Contribution/ Deposit/Govt Aid
  • Construct 50 SqM Toilet portion & 50 SqM Commercial space costing 30L
  • Lease out to a Concessioner for 5/ 10/ 15 year Operation on set Cleaning Schedule and run the Toilet & Commercial Establishments 24X7

Positive factors

  • Lack of Clean & Safe public toilet in the state.
  • Difficulty in using toilets in restaurants/ fuel stations.
  • Land availability – Public office compound/ road side ox-bow.
  • Compulsory CSR insisted by New Company Law.
  • Popular demand for hygienic toilets.
  • Elevation of Status of Toilet- “Glamour Room”- from farthest corner of plot to drawing room
  • Craze for luxury Toilet fittings/ gadgets.
  • Toilet – is a Yard stick of Personal hygiene / Family Status

Negative Factors

  • Public prejudice about public toilets.
  • Scarcity of janitors / cleaning professionals
  • Vandalism- destructive attitude of users
  • Users not concerned about maintaining cleanliness of public space for next user
  • Resistance from neighbours / land occupants
  • Pay & Use system not acceptable to a section of users

Present Scenario . .

  • Local Self Governments
  • KSRTC / Private Bus Stands
  • Petrol Bunks
  • Restaurants
  • Women Organisations
  • Sulabh International
  • Eve’s Own Toilets