Health Problem


A few months back self and Thomas were travelling to Kollam from Ernakulam. We left Ernakulam early in the morning and were gunning to Kollam to be there at lunchtime. At around nineish the first signal came. Slowly it became unbearable and finally we decided to stop at the roadside to relieve. Thomas signalled me to stop at a rather uninhabited area and I promptly obeyed. We were in mid stream when we heard the screeching sound of a vehicle at our back. We looked at the vehicle and to our utter shock it was a police jeep. My mid stream abruptly went dry. Out came a policeman from the jeep and he walked up to us and stopped in the same line. Slowly he opened his fly……… My relief was instantaneous. The flow was re-established and aa..ha…oohooo.. sounds were made to signal the full satisfaction.

My son once told me about a practice around his university in Hyderabad. If the students spot anybody relieving at the roadside, a batch of girls will rush to the spot. The girls will stand behind the offender and will sing and clap their hands. The singing and clapping will continue till the offender runs for cover.

At least 60% of the male population would have heard about a medical condition called benign prostatic enlargement. It is a slight enlargement of the Prostate gland and it affects men only! The enlarged prostate gland constricts the urethra thereby generating frequent urge to urinate. I think it is a design flaw to locate the prostate gland at its present location.

As far as the frequency is concerned, older females are no different. Diabetes is another factor acting as a catalyst to increase the urge in both sexes.